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Transform your body & health with Zen Ki Yoga®
Online yoga classes in your home - anytime...

Be in the best health that you can be… Get rid of unwanted aches and pains… Learn the secrets to bring your body & mind to optimal health…

Zen Ki Yoga® by Janie Larmour is a form of yoga based on Japanese forms of yoga and healing techniques such as shiatsu, focusing on aligning and supporting your body with the changes of the season.

It strengthens your body internally, corrects imbalances and weaknesses and addresses specific areas for weight loss by accessing your 12 major meridians.

Meridians are invisible lines of energy you can actually feel in your arms, legs, torso and head. Each meridian relates to a different organ, season, taste, emotion and psychological state.

Zen Ki Yoga® is different to anything you've ever done before because...

• There are no routines! Our bodies change with the season -- so should our yoga, eating and living habits. If you do the same thing all the time, you end up with one result.

• Working with the principles of Chinese/Japanese medicine means you get quicker results.

• You will learn how your body works, how it changes with the seasons and the little things you can do to support these changes.

• You will learn how different foods affect you physically, emotionally and psychologically and how you can use foods and yoga moves to make changes in your life.


Another point of view about drinking cold water for weight loss...
Let's look at this from another point of view. The view of 'No!!!" . . . keep reading

Weight loss - YES - you can 'spot reduce' Don't believe the fitness industry when they tell you you can't...
Janie Larmour
I used to work as a personal fitness trainer and I too, believed you couldn't 'spot reduce'. By this, I mean you couldn't target a specific area of your body to lose weight from.

With Zen Ki Yoga, you can target any specific part of your body and even the wrinkles on your face!!! . . .
keep reading

Relax your neck and shoulders - get rid of tension and pain
Janie Larmour
Why do so many people suffer chronic neck and shoulder pain? Why do our efforts to relax this area with massage and stretches only offer short-term relief or fail altogether? How can we make a lasting change so that we feel light and free, despite the fact that we might use this area all day?! . . . keep reading

The end result doesn't matter!!!
Janie Larmour
We've all heard the expression, 'it's not the result, but the journey that matters'. In Zen Ki Yoga, it doesn't matter if you can't do an asana or a movement, as long as you are doing a little bit the right way, it's better than if you 'look like' you are doing the pose, but using all the wrong bits!!! . . . keep reading

Getting rid of sugar from your diet - the only way to do it for success...
Janie Larmour
You may have tried and failed many times before. You may not even want to. But sugar is like battery acid. It eats away at your bones, tightens your joints and makes your organs expand and loose - not to mention your skin! . . . keep reading

 Teacher Training
Teacher Training Info…
Course Content 2016 Diploma
Course Content Teachers only
Distant Education 2016
Short Courses…
Back Pain Therapy Workshop
Zen Ki Yoga® Basic Poses

Teacher Training is not included in standard membership. Please see link above for our teacher training course information.

Here's what our members are saying ...

"I've poured over the site, and found exercises that seem to suit my level of fitness and flexibility. I am impressed with your professionalism, and your very careful and precise communication. Thank you for making these classes available to those of us who live in isolated areas. It is something I have been wanting so much. Thanks again Janie. I feel like telling everyone how wonderful this site is and how convenient it is to have your yoga teacher at your beck and call whenever it is suitable. Great concept, excellent information and very effective postures. "
Barrington, NSW

"The first thing I wrote to Janie about when I found this site, was whether the rib injury I had sustained months ago would stop me from the yoga classes. She gave me good advice, and amazingly, I have found that the postures that I have been working on have actually helped my rib tremendously. I now have no pain. I feel confident that I am developing a core strength which undoubtedly I didn't have when I injured my rib. "
Barrington, NSW

"now at three months after the baby my core is amazingly strong, I'm getting more flexible and my pelvic floor muscles have never been so strong (pre or post baby!) Also my back, which takes a lot of punishment with two little children being carried a lot, feels opened up and so comfortable after your program. I will be continuing with the classes and look forward to seeing more improvement as time goes on, and I do hope to be able to attend a class in person some day in the future!."
Sydney, Australia

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